Case studies

Product portfolio management - Private laboratory testing provider 


Case: Assumption of an interim CPO role, consulting on the technical capabilities and results of various types of COVID-19 tests, introduction of new non-COVID products to the portfolio, including the state-of-the-art technologies not previously present in the respective markets and a <1hr COVID-19 PCR test.

Testimonial: "Thank you for everything you did for us." - Martin, CEO, Novuma

Business development campaign - Award-winning French CEA spin-off


Case: Lead generation and qualification, established first market traction for the spin-off company and their CAPEX-grade scientific equipment in the Central Europe.

Testimonial: "We are very satisfied with the the results obtained." - Denis, CEO, Eloquant Nanoimaging
"You really are choix pertinent." - Bruno, Scientific Lead/Research Group Leader, Eloquant Nanoimaging

Market access research - Swedish digital health start-up


Case: Provided a framework for the market access strategy in the Austrian market.

Testimonial: "Team at Ambiom works in a structured way, presents their outcomes and proposals with associated substantiated data. During the process, we received continuous updates, our contact person was available and delivered according to schedule." - Filip, Partner, Healo 


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