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ambiom presented current issues in companion diagnostics (CDx) at Central & East European Health Policy Network Oncology Workshop in Bratislava

On 1st of June 2023, the Central & East European Health Policy Network (CEE HPN) organized an oncology workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia. The workshop theme was: ,Discussion on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oncological …
June 6, 2023
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HTA and MEA legislation in Ukraine: New rules in access to medical technology

The new managed entry agreement (MEA) and health technology assessment (HTA) regulations adopted in Ukraine over the course of 2020 and 2021 present significant step forward in improving access to treatment in the country. …
May 12, 2023
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CDx expert: “Genomics might only be the tip of the iceberg.”

It will soon be 25 years since the first CDx assay came to the market paving the way for the start of the era of personalized treatment. We have discussed the last 25 years …
January 19, 2023


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